Jeroen van Vliet piano



Anton Goudsmit – guitar
Oene van Geel – viola, cajon
Mete Erker – sax, clarinet
Jeroen van Vliet – piano


This was what we were: Duo Goudsmit and Van Geel and Duo Erker and Van Vliet: 2+2= Estafest! Erker, Goudsmit, van Geel & van Vliet Four of the most creative improvisers in the Netherlands in a very unusual line-up: viola, electric guitar, piano and saxes. The game is triggered by original compositions and ideas of the bandmembers, short pieces with no specific order. Everything is decided on the spot, the audience and the musicians loose themselves in the adventure while time stops… Erker, Goudsmit, van Geel & van Vliet Mingus meets Schoenberg meets Bach meets Radiohead, played by a bass-playing sax, a drumming viola, a singing piano on a spread of african guitar-chops. 6 duo’s, 4 soloists, 3 trio’s or 1 quartet? In 2010 we released our first album, recorded Live! @ Jazz in Duketown.

After 3 years of many concerts, mainly in the Netherlands, we recorded our first studio-album, very different from the first one, more space for shadier sounds. Eno Supo came out april 2014.