Jeroen van Vliet piano

Last concerts of Zeeland Suite

This month, november 2015, we will perform the last 4 concerts of the Zeeland Suite Revisited!  The concerts are the last part of the Buma Boy Edgar Prize Tour, referring to the 2014 award. I hope to see you at one of the concerts – please check the concertpage for dates and locations. The film…

Coming up: recording the new album of Moon Trio

Just before the end of the year, together with my favorite musicians Mark Schilders and Cord Heineking, and with the caring ears of maestro Chris Weeda, we will record our first album at Fattoria Studio in Osnabrück, Germany. It’s a great journey so far, looking for and listening for the music that wants to come…

Great review in Volkskrant august 5th

    • "Van Vliet is one of these rare talented artists who can clarify musical character."
      Rinus van der Heijden,

      "Pianist Jeroen van Vliet is a master of nuance. His playing is enchanting, emotional and full of fantasy."
      Armand Serpenti, Trouw

      "After 60 minutes, one knows what beauty in improvised music means..."

      Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen, Jazzpodium

      "His music is full of suspense, withheld resilience and the guts to use silence in a functional way."
      Coen de Jonge, Jazzism