Jeroen van Vliet piano


Jeroen van Vliet & Sikeda

Jeroen van Vliet – piano, synths
Erwin Vann (B) – tenor-saxophone, effects
Jörg Brinkmann (D) – cello
Afra Mussawisade (D) – percussion, sampling
Frans van der Hoeven – double bass
Pascal Vermeer – drums

Sikeda (pronounced SEE – KAY- DAH) consists, besides myself, of 5 outstanding European musicians.  Our first concert was at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2008 performing my newly written music for the North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment. The concert was broadcasted on Dutch radio and captured on film as well. The music I wrote for this group aimed to provide all musicians great freedom and to enable us to produce a wide range of images and sounds. I wanted to investigate a new world of colours and beats and structures, while the emphasis should remain the improvising. I had the chance to work with such beautiful players that I didn’t want us to get caught in narrow alleys.  Besides the trio with Frans and Pascal that recorded The Poet & Other Tales in 2007, Afra was the perfect match, both on percussion and with his sounds and samples. I asked Erwin, with whom I had recorded several albums before, for his lyricism and beautiful ideas and sound. When I heard Jörg I was instantly hooked by his creative playing, so I asked him to join.  In june 2009 we recorded the music, barely rehearsed, most of it in a one- or two-take session. The post-production kept us busy for a while but noty without result. Our cd ‘Thin Air’ was released march 2010 by Challenge Jazz.