Jeroen van Vliet piano

Jeroen van Vliet MOON TRIO

Jeroen van Vliet – piano, effects

Cord Heineking – double bass, bassguitar, effects

Mark Schilders – drums


OCTOBER 9 2016  



In 2015 I started  Moon Trio with in my mind a new approach and new sound. I wanted to work with these great musicians.  With great pleasure I’ve been working with Cord since 2010 in Simin Tander’s 4tet, he brings a beautiful expressive sound both on double bass and bassguitar.  I met Mark on several occasions and was impressed by his groove and sound and by his very personal creative ideas.

One of the features of the trio is the use of effects on the acoustic piano, as well as on the bass. It gives us a different focus, another possibility for both the compositions and the improvisations. The music is about groove and beauty, the beauty of the acoustic piano-sound. The pieces are often simple, the music emotional and groovy.

We recorded our first album winter 2015, it will be released october 2016.