Jeroen van Vliet piano

Recordings coming up this season

After a busy year of playing with a lot of great people, next half-year I will be focussing on a number of new recordings.

To start with, 2019 Mete Erker and I celebrate our 30 years of playing together! So we will finally record our long-awaited second album this autumn in the beautiful Beauforthuis, the cd will be released april 2019 and a tour will follow.                                                              – see the project-page in this website                                            

Another great new duo will be recording this autumn as well, I’m very happy that Iranian / German percussionist Afra Mussawisade and I have the chance to create a very new musical world and capture it on cd.

With cellist Jörg Brinkmann and Dirk-Peter Kölsch we will record the trio’s first album at in Köln and it will be beautiful.

Plans are being developed to create the Moon Trio 2.0 album somewhere in 2019, so stay attuned!